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What We Do

All meals come vacuum crammed in microwave/oven safe trays. Vacuum packaging enables most of the air to be eliminated leading to meals remaining fresher for longer. This does misshape discussion which discomforts me but is a sacrifice that needs to be produced the higher good.

They can securely last approximately 7 days in the refrigerator (temperature in the variety of 3-5 degrees) beginning with the date of production although I encourage any meals that are going to be taken in after 3-4 days to be frozen and defrosted when ready to consume; simply for additional security.

Meals are provided through the carrier in cooled recycled product packaging on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next offered shipment day will be verified through e-mail when the order is placed. You will be alerted by means of text/email on the day of shipment with a 1-hour time slot on when your shipment will be made. From this you have the options to pick whether to leave in a safe place/leave with a neighbor/delivered to local choice up point must the shipment time not be fit. You can also track your shipment chauffeur knowing precisely where they are and the number of stops they have before getting here to you.